Testimonial of Sinusitis 1

by admin / 27 Feb, 2019

Mrs. Shao, 66years old, she had been having chronic rhinitis/sinusitis, polyps in the nose, asthma for 4 years.

Testimonial of Sinusitis

by admin / 27 Feb, 2019

62 years old man, Mr. Haing, he had been experiencing chronic rhinitis and sinusitis for 42 years.

Testimonial of Chronic Rhinitis3

by admin / 27 Feb, 2019

51 year old man, Mr.Chau, had chronic rhinitis and sinusitis for 3 years, he had dry nose, yellow nasal mucus, sneezing , headache, itch smelly nose, also had sinus pain, he received twice of weste

Testimonial of Chronic Rhinitis2

by admin / 27 Feb, 2019

Mrs. Tang, 46 years old, had chronic rhinitis for several month, she had dry nose, throat, and mouth, she experienced harsh smell from the nose, nose bleeding, sneezing and also she had phlegm , in

Testimonial of Chronic Rhinitis1

by admin / 27 Feb, 2019

Mr. Feung, 58 years old, experienced chronic rhinitis and headache for 20 years. He has occasional sneezing, sticky mucus and he had stuffy nose.

Testimonial of Chronic Rhinitis

by admin / 27 Feb, 2019

Mr. Alhmoud, 42 years old, experienced chronic Rhinitis for 6 years. He had symptoms of dry nose, sneezing, stuffiness, a little mucus and headache.

Allergic Rhinitis testimonial

by admin / 29 Jun, 2014

36 year old lady, Mrs. Cheng, experienced chronic allergic rhinitis for 2 year, morning sneezing, had yellowish white nasal discharge, severe stuffiness, there for received 2 month treatment , sinc

Allergic Rhinitis

by admin / 01 May, 2014

9 year old boy, Kortzman , is born in Canada, had been suffering from the chronic allergic rhinitis for 8 years, had itchiness of nose, severe sneezing, watery runny nose, all the symptoms were sev